Highgrade Professional

Highgrade ProfessionalRegarded as one of the best networked people consultants in Australia, Highgrade Professional brings together recruitment and industry experts to deliver outstanding outcomes in Mining, Metro, Rail, Light Rail and Road transport infrastructure, technical niches, renewables infrastructure, civil, rail, mining and construction engineering, and construction operations.

All Highgrade Professional associates are industry specific professionals, with experience recruiting premium talent throughout Australia and beyond.

We leverage our industry experience, relationships and connections within our core industries, partnering with clients and candidates to form meaningful relationships with long horizons. A number of our business partnerships stretch back to when we commenced in 2006. We have great success in ensuring and championing diversity and inclusion through all stages of the recruitment process.

We understand how it is mixture of a person’s technical skills AND how they fit in a workforce that enables alignment. We deliver the right technical and project expertise for any stage of a project‘s or asset’s lifecycle, utilising data driven assessment, with modern recruitment process - never forgetting it is people we are working with.

Highgrade Professional flex to meet your demand, having access to considerable expertise and industry leadership, plus importantly, trusted networks.

All of Highgrade Professional’s associates have considerable experience within their specialisation, maintaining active industry networks acquired over decades. The net result of this deep industry knowledge is access to the passive candidate market and trustworthy candidate referrals. This network allows us to be timely and thorough.

Our proven track record is proudly extending into its 14th year, assisting international mining houses, homegrown private entities, government organisations and delivery authorities.

In addition to recruiting, we assist organisations make hiring more efficient and more productive. We can help businesses review current recruitment practices, suggest efficiencies and create ongoing principles that can drastically improve how small and medium sized businesses build the best teams.

Sometimes a full recruitment drive is not required, maybe you need help long/shortlisting for roles that you have huge numbers of applicants for, or you want to get an understanding of current skill levels/shortages in an industry before you go to market. We can break down the recruitment process and unbundle our services to suit your requirements.