When partnering with HIGHGRADE PERSONNEL, you will receive a professional service as our main aim is to build long lasting relationships with our clients that have mutual respect.

We understand that in this current climate, companies need to adjust to forever changing conditions and at HIGHGRADE we strive to provide the most flexible of services in order to assist our clients in dealing with these changes in the market.

Our management team has experience in a wide range of industries, enabling us to provide a more specialised service with a genuine understanding of different workplace environments, which allows us to source the right candidate for your business. Making sure our candidates understand the environment they are going into is absolutely paramount as we aim to limit your staff turnover because we know the huge cost this can have on your business as well as affecting the company culture.

Our recruitment processes are of the highest standard. Our staff are trained not only in recruitment, but also in OH&S systems & procedures. They come from relevant industry backgrounds so they have the experience behind them to make the right decisions. We don’t take risks with our business, or yours.  

Candidates are screened thoroughly through face to face interviewing, multiple reference checks, medical screenings and police checks.


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